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Graphic Design, Website Design, & Print Design for small businesses

LEAVE A MARK...Be seen & better yet...be remembered!

We do things differently around here... 

From meeting at our clients' office so that they can get right back to work afterward to working late into the night with our non 8 to 5'ers. We research your competition, challenge ourselves to exceed their look, functionality, and message to help put you inline or beyond what they are doing!

StandOut Design, LLC. can help you "be seen" by your future client, customer, or end-user. With fresh marketing ideas, unique graphic design, and high-quality full-color process printing, you will StandOut from your competition.  Whether you are just starting out or striving to get to the next level, StandOut Design has the experience, communication skills, and creativeness to get you there!


“My crown is called content,
a crown that seldom kings enjoy”

William Shakespare


Coming up with content is not always the fun part. But, it is just as important as the visuals. We help you "massage" your message you want to pass to your customer, by clever word use and positive angles to pull them closer to becoming a client.


Design is not just what it looks

like and feels like. Design is

how it works.

Steve Jobs


This is where we really shine! Thinking outside of the box, doing extensive research, and using pleasing color are just a few things we do every day at StandOut Design. We strive to exceed your expectations and achieve the "wow" factor you are looking for.

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