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StandOut Design, LLC. can help you "be remembered" by your future client, customer, or end-user. How? By converting our many years of experience and energetic personalities into fresh marketing ideas, unique graphic design, and high-quality full-color printing, you will StandOut from your competition. Whether you are just starting out or striving to get to the next level, our team has the tools, technology, communication skills, and creativity to get you there!

We do things differently around here... 

From meeting at our client's office so that they can get right back to work afterward to working late into the night with our non-8 to 5'ers. We research your competition, and challenge ourselves to exceed their look, functionality, and message to help put you in line or beyond what they are doing!

LEAVE A MARK...Be seen & better remembered!

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This is where we really shine!

Thinking outside of the box, doing extensive research, and using pleasing color are just a few things we do every day at StandOut Design. We strive to exceed your expectations and achieve the "wow" factor you are looking for.

Steve Jobs

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.

Design is how it works.

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Coming up with content is not always the fun part. But, it is just as important as the visuals. We help you "massage" the message you want to pass to your customer, by clever word use and positive angles to pull them closer to becoming a client.

Creative Content is the key to success to us



Working with Dave and The Standout Team has been exceptional over the past 5 years. From Social Media to Window and Door Decals they do a great job! Team Sarchione Ford of Waynesburg thanks you!


Exceptional service and prompt response to any interaction with Dave and his staff. This is a top tier business that I trust MY business marketing with and recommend Stand Out Design without reservation!




Dave and his team did an outstanding job on my website and logo design. The amount of creativity and options were amazing. I would recommend for any startup company. The value is unbeatable and I’ve had so many compliments on my website.

If we will be building your blog, we need to populate with a few articles before it goes live so that your visitors aren't sent to a blank screen. Send us a list of Categories that you would have, 10-20 keywords that readers can use to find what they want quickly, and at least 2 blogs to start with.

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