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Local Service ads help you connect with people who search on Google for the services you offer.
We design your ads to show up for customers in your service area. The best thing is that you only pay if a customer calls you directly through the ad. And That's how we Stand Out as an advertising agency!

Google Guarantee Ads

Google has launched a Google Guarantee program for local businesses to build trust with its customers. The impact it's having on local businesses is phenomenal. The criteria is quite strict to get accepted but once you’re in, you’re bound to get a lot more leads than anyone else who’d just be doing the regular Google Ads.

Earn customers trust with a Google badge

Become a Google Screened or Google Guaranteed provider and earn a badge for your business based on your industry. A Google badge gives you extra credibility and gives customers more confidence to book your services.

What Is Google Guaranteed?

Google Guaranteed is a certification program created to increase customer confidence in local businesses. Customers who are vetting companies online can look for the Google Guaranteed Badge, which offers protection if something goes wrong.

Many businesses are already using Google’s Local Services Ads to generate leads for their companies through paid search efforts. The Google Guarantee offers help for businesses that want to draw more organic traffic instead.

Services booked through Local Services Ads are automatically insured up to a lifetime cap, which varies by location. Any customer booking this way has the comfort of knowing they can claim the amount of the invoice should they be dissatisfied with the service.

Which industries are eligible?

On the Computer

Get GOOGLE Guarenteed, today!

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