Hard work, experience, and passion for what we do helps us StandOut from our competition. We want to help you do the same with your business or product. Meeting face to face, putting ourselves in the end-users shoes, and really learning about what you have to offer, comes naturally to us. Just a phone call can start a wonderful, profitable relationship.


Dave Norris

Designer, Founder & Owner

Call or Text Me at 330-354-9204
Day or night you can get ahold of me for quotes, questions, emergencies, or simply to say hello.

"With over 20 years of experience in design, marketing, management, and print, I love the journey of building my company. In turn, I enjoy seeing my clients succeed and helping them get to the next level to not only compete but be the leader in their industry!"

Lisa Norris

The Numbers Lover - Accounting

Call or Text Me at 330-605-7090
I am always available if you have any questions or concerns about a quote, invoice total, or a charge that you don't understand.

"I know it might be weird to love numbers, but math was always my favorite subject, I worked in banking for years and was a perfect fit when Dave & I decided to start building a business together"

Josh McCutcheon

Social Media SuperHero

Call or Text Me at 234-215-4972
If you have an idea for a specific post, call or shoot him a text about it.

"I have always wanted to be in a design field, just never knew how much fun it would be. I love to learn and promote small businesses no matter what the industry or product is."

Alyssa Weirich

Graphic Design & Web Maintenance

Call or Text Me at 234-215-4973
If you have an update to your website contact me asap and it will get taken care of seamlessly.

"Years of college, internships, and life experiences have lead me to the perfect place to show off my talents and do what I love every day"

Logan Giovannelli

Chief Content Creator

Call or Text Me at 234-215-4972

Logan is fresh out of college as of last December and will be busy creating copy for Social Media, SEO, and Email Campaigns. We are excited to have her on our team and know you will enjoy working with her as well!


Logo design and business cards to full blown marketing campaigns and ecommerce websites
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