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Hard work, experience, and passion for what we do helps us stand out from our competition. We want to help you do the same with your business or product. Meeting face to face, putting ourselves in the end-users shoes, and really learning about what you have to offer, comes naturally to us. Just a phone call can start a wonderful, profitable relationship.


Designer, Founder & Owner

Call or Text Me at 330-354-9204

Day or night you can get ahold of me for quotes, questions, emergencies, or simply to say hello.

"With over 20 years of experience in design, marketing, management, and print, I love the journey of building my company. In turn, I enjoy seeing my clients succeed and helping them get to the next level to not only compete but be the leader in their industry!"


The Numbers Lover - Accounting

Call or Text Me at 330-605-7090

"I know it might be weird to love numbers, but math was always my favorite subject. I worked in banking for years and was a perfect fit when Dave & I decided to start building a business together."

Lead Website Designer

Call or Text Me at 234-215-4973

"Every day I get to express my artistic and creative side, which I enjoy! With years of schooling and personal expertise, I am now in the ideal position to showcase my talents and surpass our clients' expectations.."

Web Maintenance & SEO Specialist

Call or Text Me at 234-215-4973

"During my time at Kent State University, I was able to advance in my artistic abilities. I'm excited to begin a career where I am able to showcase my web design and SEO expertise."

Chief Content Creator

Call or Text Me at 234-215-4972

"I've had a deep-rooted passion for creative writing for many years. When combined with marketing, I am able to provide our clients with dynamic value through unique and fresh content."

Social Media Manager

Call or Text Me at 234-215-4972

"Multimedia storytelling has always been my passion. Specializing in video and photography, I am able to create many different projects to fit our clients needs."


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