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Chat with potential clients live!

We can now add a "chatbox" to your site and help visitors out on the spot. You can let visitors contact you whenever you're online or even initiate a chat with visitors browsing your site.

Set your chat status

Add a lead capture form to collect info

Chat with visitors currently on your site

Allow your members to chat with each other

You can set your chat status from in your site's dashboard or from the Mobile app on your phone.


You can also schedule your chat hours in advance if you upgrade to an Ascend Plan.

Collect Your Visitors' Info

When your status is set to Online, visitors can chat with you directly from your site. When your status is set to Offline, you can use a Lead Capture Form to collect visitor information and get back to them as soon as you can.

Chat With Site Visitors

Just as with setting your status, you can chat with visitors in your site's dashboard or from the Mobile app on your phone. You can decide which is most convenient for you.

Regardless of which option you choose, you can receive notifications, either on your computer or on your phone, when a visitor starts a chat with you. You can also see your visitors in real-time and initiate a conversation.

Enable Members Chat

If you're using the Forum or

Blog and have a Member's Area on your site, you can enable Members Chat and allow members to start conversations with you or each other.

This also gives them the option to create group chats!

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