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How is your SEO looking?

If you are unsure what "SEO" stands for and you have a website for your business...please keep reading, and read closely!

SEO stands for "SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. A website needs the correct keywords throughout its pages, keywords hidden within photos and metadata, and much much more.

1 human year equals 20 website years because of the fast-paced internet and changes in how it works. If your website hasn't been changed or updated in over 4 years...still please keep reading, and read closely!

Do I really need to worry about my SEO?

You could have the most beautiful website, navigation is perfect, and contains all of your products and services that people are looking for. BUT...and that's a big but, if people don't know you are "out there" it's useless.

Most people don't know "Who" they are looking for when searching the internet. They search for "What", right?! So if someone searches for "Landscaper for paver patio", GrassGrower Landscaping doesn't just show up automatically?

When it comes to SEO audits, I typically explain their importance by comparing a website to an older house. It’s the best and easiest way to articulate why SEO audits are critical and why they need to be performed on a regular basis.

I’m a huge fan of old homes that are filled with vintage pieces, character, and charm. While these homes many times have good bones, there are hidden with issues that need to be resolved.

Older homes require annual inspections and ongoing maintenance. You have to address any issues as they crop up. If you fail to regularly inspect and maintain your home, your foundation could crumble away.

Your website is similar.

If you fail to provide proper maintenance on your website, you lose your ability to rank in search and convert website visitors.

Say you bought an 80+ year-old starter home located in the downtown of a small village. The beveled glass and vintage doors drew you in and you fell in love at first sight. Now, there aren't walk-in closets or the modern conveniences like in new builds, but you didn't care, you're just starting out.

Obviously, this house has been around for a while but it gets you by and you work for years to get it to where you want it to be. But after some time, you get tired of settling and find out it takes more time and costs more money to keep fixing it up, instead of starting over with the perfect home of your dreams.

Now, relate that story to your business/website. You think my website is just just needs a few changes and an opportunity to bring it up to modern standards.

Website & SEO audits are needed because they help identify hidden issues that are harming you and your marketing efforts. They are needed because they help you understand what is broken and what needs to be repaired.

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