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Best KNOWN beats Best Price, Service, Product & Quality every time!

When I was in high school the MOST popular guy usually got the hottest girl. He may not have been the BEST looking or have the MOST money, but he was outgoing, funny, friendly, part of every group event and EVERYONE knew him.

Speaking of hot girls in high school…

I once dated a girl that thought ‘a quarterback’ was a refund?!?

Not the brightest girl I ever met but I convinced her to play Strip Scrabble with me…

So, we hung out.

But seriously, think about it. Best KNOWN beats marketing the best PRICE, best SERVICE, best PRODUCT...let's use the fast-food giant McDonalds as a prime example.

You and I both know McDonald's doesn't serve the BEST tasting or quality of food, BEST service, or even have the BEST prices. But yet, they rank #1 in the fast-food industry in almost every category.

WHY? Because of marketing and advertising and being the BEST KNOWN.

You can't drive anywhere without passing at least one. They fill every piece of the "marketing" pie with Commercials, Billboards, Radio, Print, Web presence, and Social Media.

There is nothing that makes a 3-year-old happier more than a "happy meal".

Is it because they love the rib meat nuggets and apple slices and the useless piece of plastic that comes with it?

Probably not, it's because kids are supposed to love happy meals as the commercials talk about.

And you get it because of the convenience being right around the corner, not because its the best price or highest quality.

Now think about the way you're marketing your business and what steps are in place for you to be the "BEST KNOWN"

Marketing is a marathon without a finish line.

You can't simply post a few times on social media, send a postcard out once a year, run an ad in the newspaper, or get a website and let it ride out for years.

Consistency is key...keep running at a steady pace!

As soon as you slow down, your competition slides in front of you to take the lead. Then out of sight, out of mind, sets in, and before you know it, sales & trust in your brand have diminished almost overnight.

Have an awesome day and crush the competition!

Dave Norris

Obsessed with growing your business

P.S. Would you invest $500 to make $1000 or more, get more followers, build a trusting brand, or ?

If yes, give us a call to talk about how we make that happen every day for our clients!

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