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NEW! Get Bookings from Google

If you currently are on our website platform and using the Bookings service you can now offer local clients an additional way to find your business and book sessions using "Reserve with Google".

When clients look for services in a particular region, Google displays results on a map along with business info for listed sites. Certain services have a "Schedule" button. This is the "Reserve with Google" feature.

After clicking Schedule, clients can view available services and times, and then book an appointment or class on the spot.

Google's Criteria for Acceptance to Reserve with Google

Google only allows certain services to be part of Reserve with Google. Google reviews each of a business's services individually, so, for example, a gym may find that Google allows visitors to book one exercise class but not another.

Google's requirements:

  • Business Type: Reserve with Google is only available for certain types of businesses, such as gyms and hair salons.

  • Service Type: Reserve with Google is only available for Appointments and Classes, not Courses.

  • Service Location: There are two location considerations:

  • The service must be set to take place at your business address.

  • Services must be bookable: If your clients can't book a service through "Bookings", they won't be able to book it through Reserve with Google.

  • Pricing: The service must be bookable as a single service at a fixed price (not free or at varying rates).

  • Offline Payment: The payment in person option must be enabled. You can set your service to accept payment in person and online, but not online only.

  • Online Services: Online services via Zoom are not eligible for Reserve with Google.


After a site is submitted, Google takes up to two weeks to:

  • Verify whether its services qualify for Reserve with Google

  • Match your website to your business, as it appears on Google Maps.

If you would like to enable this service (no extra charge) simply contact us at We will set it up asap!

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